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Pianist, keyboardist, music producer, composer, sound designer, vocalist.

Born in Valencia, Venezuela.
Currently living in Gatineau, Québec, Canada.
Jesus has just finished his last instrumental album, "CAMINOS" which contains ten piano pieces.
In last months Jesus has focused on the piano as an instrument of relaxation and meditation. This album has been made for helping people to find serenity and peace.
For people who need to be stress-free.
For people who enjoy listening to music when commuting, eating a delicious meal with family and friends or while meditating, relaxing, taking a good soothing bath, doing yoga or another physical exercise or even working.
He has been primarily a lifelong learner. Jesus has extensive musical education in his life but above all, Jesus loves to be a self-taught guy. He loves to learn from every people he meets no matter the place or the occasion.
He loves so much his wife Sofia! He loves dogs and that's why he has a poodle! He loves nature, parks and MLB baseball! Needless to say that music is his passion!
He loves Venezuela, his country of origin but also Canada, his country by adoption. At the same time, Jesus is an advocate of tolerance and acceptance of every human being, regardless of race, country or religion.
Life's keywords? Humility, patience, constant learning, love, compassion, faith and trust!
To continue listening more of his works, please click on this link.