Caminos (Roads) 

Here are some descriptive notes of the album that contains ten piano instruments, whose release date is September 13, 2017 ...

I like this word: Caminos. When I listen to this Spanish word in plural I always think about tours or journeys. Thinking about them come to my mind each day in my life since I was born. And also each day of my life until the day that I pass away arrive. 

In my life roads, I have always taken right and wrong decisions. But at the same time, I have realized they have led me to the place I am today. And valuable lessons I have learned and harvested. 

Since I got married to my beautiful wife Sofia in 2000, our lives have been so blessed but similarly, at Montreal, they have been full of changes, decisions, and lessons. In 2005 when we arrived to Canada specifically to the city of Montreal, there have been many crossroads. During twelve years we have lived in big, medium and small cities full of challenges but also achievements. Therefore I wanted to summarise our experiences in this album that contains ten instrumental piano pieces. The piano has been my favorite instrument and my partner in my entire life. It has been my support in joys but also in sorrows, triumphs and failures, companions and solitude, sunrises and sunsets and labor and festivities. 

With Caminos I pay a tribute to the man who finally dared to get out from his comfort zone and decide to ride on the wagon of the fear of the unknown but regardless of that fear, he decided to carry out their assigned tasks and share their gifts! 

So below I proceed with a short explanation of every track: 

1) Caminos: The track that gives the name to this album. The reason for this name has been exposed in the introduction. However, I would like to add a sentence that calls me to think deeply about it: What else is worth? The goal or the road itself? 

2) Sunsets: Sky give us many wonders and one of the most of them I like is a sunset. The sunsets in my beloved mother country (Venezuela) and in my also beloved adoption country (Canada) have been truly magical. And always a Wowwww!!!! has escaped from my mouth...from my heart! I give thanks to our Creator for having the privilege to watch them frequently. 

3) Chiquitico: Yes! "Chiquitico" and not "Chiquitito" as it is commonly said in Spanish. In our Venezuela, we say "Chiquitico" to all beings and things that are very small. This piece is dedicated to my miniature black poodle dog. He is two years old and his name is Chamo. His unconditional love is with me each day of my life. 

4) Calm in the storm: On a winter's afternoon in the small village of Baie-Comeau (Northern Quebec) a furious snow storm was unleashed and thirty centimeters of snow fell on the ground. So instead of being upset, worried or even protesting or yelling about the cleaning, I was supposed to do after the storm, this beautiful melody arose from my quiet mind. 

5) Vuela Alto: "The little speedy instrumental of this album" It is a tribute to two extraordinary human beings because right now they are angels! They were very courageous, positive and influenced the lives of many human beings including myself. They are an aunt and a friend: Beatriz Sosa de Rached and Miguel Angel Correa. It is a little but well-deserved tribute but I am aware they deserve so much more. May God bless them forever! 

6) Souvenirs: In my opinion, a souvenir is something or someone very significant in my life's experience. They are remembrances, memories from people, places, animals, objects and so on that leave traces in our paths. traces of love, friendship, solidarity, unconditionality and so on. They have been a part of my bucket list. In this track, I evoke all these memories from excellent friends. They have been a family here in Canada. And nowadays memories and experiences are beginning to take shape in the city where I currently live: Gatineau. It is so close to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. 

7) Alone and without you: My wife has been one of the most spectacular gifts I received in my whole life. I love so much my Sofi and I will love her forever. we met each other, dated and got married but in several occasions for job reasons we lived in different cities. In those moments loneliness was tough but love was stronger. Sofi: You are the light that lights up my life! 

8) Let it flow: Yes! Let it flow! In those moments when I resist so much, things do not flow well. When I say everything must be as I think it must be, nothing works. When I have been impatient mistakes have been so costly. Therefore I always repeat to myself: Let it flow! When I have patience, everything flows better. By accepting people, things, and events as they are, life becomes magic! 

9) Hiver: I could have titled it "Winter" or "Invierno" but I preferred to name it in French because they have been twelve winters lived in the province of Quebec, which is predominantly French-speaking. I love it so much and love the people here. Everywhere they are friendly and generous. Hiver has taught me to be patient, creative, productive and grateful. Shorter days and longer nights open spaces for meditation andcreativity. I have learned that Hiver is not forever and after a long one, spring comes out and flowers and fruits are reborn. There is a lot of beauty in it! 

10) Seeds: When they are well-watered seeds produce wonderful trees, beautiful flowers, and excellent fruits. Inside each seed, there is a challenge. The challenge is to be patient and persistent. A good seed is a product of an unconditional faith in God. We sow good seeds in our lives with caring language, actions, and attitudes, in such a way each seed will be transformed into a blessing! 

I want to thank God for the creation of this project. Thank you, my Lord, because you healed me! You took care of my eyes when I needed! 

Thank you, Mom, Dad, Sofi! Thank you, brothers and beloved friends! Thank you to the family of my Sofi. Thank you to my little poodle: Chamo! His unconditional love and presence fill my days with joy and gratitude! 

Thank you, my dear listeners! May the music of this album be a space for meditation, tranquility, mindfulness, and joy. May your lives be blessed! Amen!